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This is actually a pretty good movie. It's good for a light watch.

Emma swan

Yay, Emma Swan!



Oh look, it's Emma Swan!!! :)

Where did the sweet kitten go? I'd never give up an animal for anyone, my fur babies are not replaceable!

If this was a real woman, run away....far far away.

I like this movie, he looks like Peter Parker. And the girl at the ending make me Whaaaat? she's so cute and beautiful, he got so much better girl without a list😍😍.



it is HAIR GROWTH DAY. a month? Sounds like LEAP HAIR GROWTH DAY. and sry for being so mean years ago. i was 5 when i did those comments and i dreamed of you being a skeleton..

Beta male's wet dream'd movie.

Just for those who you are saying that they bet he winds up with the best friend just letting you know he doesn't. Ps I know it kind of looks weird but it's actually an okay movie.

Good movie! Must watch it! Atleast once!!!

Emma ❤️

Who know that Amy Pond and Emma Swam were in a movie together.

Gee, I wonder who he ends up with?

Does anyone know the name of the song used in this trailer? What horrible things to do to someone. process hidden cream cotton tongue taste research launch milk connect. So it's awful? Pretty good movie https://zoroganka.exblog.jp/27991668/ it´s Zoey :)






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